O beautiful for common sense
of what is good and fair,

for comradeship as citizens

that all of us can share.

America! America!

God make us ever one.

For every soul our noble goal

Of Justice must be won!

—Tim, Maryland


O beautiful for tears we shed

for children killed in school,

for high school kids who say: Enough!

God, let these students rule.

America! America!

Teach leaders how to cry,

and give them strength to change their views

when kids in classrooms die.

—Therese, Massachusetts


O beautiful for glacial lakes

For mountain peaks and fjords

For sailing ships upon the sea

And songs with ringing chords

America! America!

A wondrous shining star

But in the end, it’s your ideals

That make you what you are.

—Sid, New York


O beautiful for ethics rules,

For conscience clear and plain,

For purity of policy

Above all furtive gain!

America!  America!

Let’s shed benighted greed

And play our part with open heart

In sweet transparency

—Bill, Virginia


• • • • •

O beautiful for healthy skies

For non-acidic rain

For polar bears and mountain hares

And prairies pure again!

America!  America!

Conserve this holy orb,

And pack the planet full with plants

That CO2 absorb!

—Bill, Virginia


O beautiful for freedom's press

That serves the common good

Pursuing civic truthfulness

As every patriot should.

America! America!

God save us from Fake News

And public lies we'll all defy

Despite our private views!

—Anonymous, Washington D. C.


 • • • • •

O, beautiful for immigrants

Of every race and hue!

From east and west they come to us

To make their lives anew.

America! America!

Keep wide the golden door,

Lest we repeal our brave ideal

And mourn forever more.

—Louisa, Washington D.C.