As one whose great great grandparents

Were never turned away,

I want to share my blessings that

Still pass through them today.

O beautiful for citizens who,

Tho' privileged by their birth,

Guide us t'ward shared humanity

With folks throughout the earth.



Poetic Submission  (Free Form)


Medicare and Medicaid:

May they forever be,

So all our people

Young and old

Stay happy and healthy.


Senators and Congressmen,

Please use all your might

To help maintain

Our health system,

Because you know it's right.


Medicare and Medicaid,

I hope you do remain,

Since healthy souls

And happy minds

Are important to maintain.


Dr. Joseph

O beautiful for marching feet

Of our courageous youth,

Who, undeterred by lying word,

Bear witness to the truth.

America! America!

Your children see the fault

In selling soul to buy control

With weapons of assault.



O beautiful for immigrants

Of every race and creed.

Don't put dumb bans on any lands,

Don't banish those in need!

America! America!

Let's cherish what we've got:

We're not a white and Christian land;

We're mixed and polyglot!


from Meet John Dough, Superhero

O beautiful for Freedom Rides

When death was all around,

And Lewis in Montgomery,

Though bloodied to the ground.

America! America!

Let me show courage too,

And act in peace 'til outrage cease

Though I be beaten down.



O beautiful for for teachers kind

Who help our children thrive

With scholarship and mentoring

So that our kids can strive

America! America!

Let ev'ry kid succeed

With equal chance so minds may dance

Through learning well to read.



O bountiful, our shelves are full

Of every grain and fruit.

When all can share this ample fare

Our caring hearts we'll prove.

America! America!

Fill everyone with love,

And broccoli and cheddar cheese,

Rice, beans, corn, milk, and spuds!



O beautiful for high ideals

That even critics grant,

Though calling them naiveté

Or moralizing cant.

America! America!

Let's all forswear the view

That murderous ties are justified

By gain for me and you.



O beautiful for sinking sun

That gilds the evening trees

And silver moon that makes a path

Across the night time seas.

America! America!

Let beauty shape my mind

Til simple love for skies above

T'ward others makes me kind.



O beautiful for swearing in

Of citizens to be,

Who look beyond our country's faults

To trust in what they see.

America! America!

They've set their hopes in you.

Do not betray their solemn day,

But to your best be true!



O beautiful for sidewalk songs

Of children jumping rope,

And grandmas watching from the steps.

We can't betray their hope.

America! America!

Embrace each neighborhood!

The riches here could grace the years

Of nation just and good



O beautiful for founding creed

Of universal worth

Through inner light in every heart

Illumining from birth.

America! America!

Let's sing equality,

And learn to hear what's not yet clear

In that rich melody.



O beautiful for wilderness

And forests almost wild.

I learned to love your mighty pines

When I was just a child.

America! America!

Don't let the greedy take

These glorious signs of love divine,

This singing mountain lake.



O beautiful for those who dared

To follow freedom's star,

Though horsemen thundered in the dark

And bloodhounds bayed afar.

America! America!

The journey is so long!

We still use guns against our sons

And mar the patriot's song.